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  • Marielle Cuvelier

    I was born with a colorful artistic palette ...
    My first color brings joy of improvisation
    My second is in the sensory term
    My third is in the pleasure of developing the creative look and animate the imagination.
    My whole is an art ... to live too!
    My career began with ten years in three advertising agencies in Belgium.
    Then for 5 years: I base my studio and founder leads to passionate young artists to prepare to study art "Once upon a time" in Brussels
    After, for a little over 4 years: With my family, we settled in Martinique where I joined a group of artists with whom I have exposed and organized many festivals, exhibitions and shows ...
    Exhibited in galleries in collective in Montreal, Barcelona, ​​Belgium in Knokke ...
    For 3 years & founder associated with 4 other Aboriginal artists a contemporary art gallery in Martinique, Ôdis7
    Formed parallel to writing, body language, the metaphorical games NLP and initiated at 3 degrees Reiki and Tantra with various personal development courses, I gradually collected all these modes of expression to build on a method combining these strengths.
    7 years: Based in Switzerland with my life experience and my training, I am pleased to offer "The Art of Being" with the expressive arts in the Canton of Vaud with expressive drawing workshops, storytelling, dance we share in the creative joy.
    Three key words today: Movement, Body, Presence
    Three verbs: Loving, Dedication, Marvel
    My goals with Art of Being:
    Develop the perception with the language of the senses and the heart JOY =
    Bring to cohabit with her emotions and history.
    Densify the self-presence to body expression

  • M'Dinc
  • Michele Allotta
  • Skanda Melmos

    Born in France, Skanda Melmos is from a young age attracted by the Greco-Roman culture. A former student of the Ecole du Louvre in Paris and taught artist, he is attached to an ancient culture that strives to revive giving a new vision of clean mythological and historical themes Mediterranean.

    Skanda revives the classic to freeze its heroes in a sensual academicism and to ancient ruins theater of mythical clashes.

  • Oksana Bykovska
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Showing 1 - 12 of 29 items