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  • Ana Barrero

    Born in Barcelona on February 28, 1973.

    He studied at the School of Art Llotja Barcelona.

    The themes of his work are: the Mediterranean and its culture, literature, music, flamenco, bullfighting, the culture of Al-Andalus, the universe, etc ..

  • Antonello Messina

    Antonello Messina is a painter, sculptor and musician. He was born in Palermo on July 24, 1969. In 1989 he graduated graduation from the College of Art II Palermo. In 1990, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, where he attended painting classes. In March 2000, Antonello has exhibited in New York at the Jacob K Javitz Center at the World Expo. His paintings have also been exhibited in Japan (October), 2011, and in Switzerland, the Plexus Art Gallery in Marly, in July 2013.

  • Emile
  • Jean-Pierre Sergent
  • Ksenia Safina

    Her paintings seem to belong to the scope of abstract painting from the formality. In paintings are hidden with various animals, plants, figures, ancient architecture, and landscapes as well as other specific image. The painter tends to produce different emotions and feelings towards different themes, and thereby can create paintings of different formality. The content of her painting is quite rich with praises to the nature, the chanting for historical poem, portrait for myth, and narration for history. . Her works remind of Alice in Wonderland. During the journey, the viewers are given with the chance to put aside self-consciousness and subjective framework, bathing in the kingdom of fresh senses created by Safina.

  • Lorella Iannetta

    Since my childhood, I have fun mixing colors.
    Therefore, it is natural that I committed in the school of Art Martenot in Meyrin where I was able to discover and deepen different techniques.
    As of today, the work of relief with a spatula into abstract compositions occupies a big place in my creations.

  • Meko
  • Payam Bidari
  • Pierre-Yves Hinni

    Pierre-Yves Hinni was born March 30, 1971 at 11:27 p.m.. For many years its sensitivity was expressed by music and flowers. Then there Just two years he met the brush .... And since he puts his music color.
    He will present his work at Manola D'Angelo

  • Avé
  • Said Nefzi

    Said Nefzi was born in Switzerland and grew up between the Mediterranean and the Swiss Alps. At the International School of Art in Lausanne Said discovered his creative potential.

    He is currently creating a portfolio of paintings, drawings, photographs and short films.

    The main objective is to paint portraits of the emotional and expressive hands. This work is based on a variety of different techniques.

  • Thierry Clemens

    My first life is under the sun, in the south of France, Provence and Marseille, which is not France, as everyone knows. Over forty years of a very pleasant and carefree wandering.

    Chance, ie work, settle down in Switzerland, the heart of the Valais Alps. We're late 2010. I love this place but I'm missing something, I do not know yet what?

    Before I was an artist, like everyone out there - but no one knows, there. In the South of France color is required, the artistic references abound. In Marseille expression is a sign of survival, it is painted the walls with shouts and colors.

    Here the walls are silent. A Spanish share my life, she painted canvases full of color. I'll follow, I'll paint on canvas. She introduced me and teaches me the color tube.

    I started by painting and then I remembered before even daring to speak again ... And I finally found the beauty of the walls with shouts, color and odor.

  • Valeria Anna
  • Martine Della Croce
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Showing 1 - 12 of 163 items