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  • Helene Foata
  • Manuela Belfiore

    Manuela Belfiore is a young Neapolitan artist graduated from Art School in Naples and graduated in Conservation and Restoration of Works d 'Art Academy of Fine Arts. Spurred and enticed by the creativity mother, Manuela starts to take its first steps into the world of silent 'art is in giving back life to older works both in' self-expression through his work. At the end of a study and a testing of materials and images, comes to 'processing of a sign, then first sculptural painting.

    The repetition of similar figures and different, sinuous, but at the same time geometric, create a simple and intrinsic texture of meanings. Fictional characters tangled, drawings, paintings and bas-reliefs, but the expression is true for Manuela sculpture, you can get a 'picture from a block of stone is the way she likes most to capture and enclose thoughts were d' mood and feelings, that otherwise would remain imprisoned and without sharing.

  • Franck Lesueur
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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items