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  • Ama

    Anne-Marie Aeberhard, called Ama.
    I remember always drawn, scrawled, painted on all sorts of media such as books, craft paper, canvas, textiles, wood, scrap metal, earth modeling, human bodies, and now walls on rollers ... I sow as Tom Thumb who wanted to find his house.
    From home, I did not: I live in a caravan set in a camping at Lake Geneva, in the middle of a port, a shipyard and a gravel pit: my painted pebbles were previously dredged at the bottom of the lake and brought by barge to end up dumped in the gravel pit, where millions of others now form three pyramids of several meters high. Then, they will be transported by truck to building sites and will turn into concrete to build houses.
    My tribe of painted pebbles, calmness mineral kingdom are my new haunts of stardust on Earth. I will follow, like Tom Thumb, to travel in the imaginary world, always in search of my home.

  • Fanny Delarze

    After working on the colors of the privacy ECAV, Fanny continued a work always faithful to his only media; his daily life. A feminine, sometimes feminist universe, to illuminated atmospheres, curious, messy and sacral.

  • Ilemas

    Claudia (Ilemas) Sameli

    Historically, the leaves marvel. She contemplates them, sniff them, caress them, so much so that she had the urge to keep them, to magnify them, to wear them. She tried miles materials and techniques. And she finally found ... In recent years, in the cheerful clutter of its modest art workshop, she inlassa-ably transforms its leaves-pickings jewelry using only half ciples pigments and natural materials.

  • M'Dinc
  • Yathika Ponniah

    It is with pleasure that I open the doors of my house where you will discover my environment I inspire me to create! Malice in my suitcases you will find my playful and childlike creations ... Each bag contains: pin mini packaging, necklaces with plastic animals and many more. Often objects unearthed in flea markets to give them a second life.

    I followed my studies in various Swiss cities to the visual arts in graphic design school in Biel, designer interior architecture in Geneva and I finished my studies at CEPV in Vevey in 2009 as Visual Merchandising. Interior designer passionate about the material you will find some concrete creations candlesticks, glasses, dishes, bowls ... in one of my suitcases.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 34 items